Xuan, ETC.


Floating Ink (Installation, Ink, Xuan paper, Mixed Medium)

In art, I do not believe in deliberately developing a style. Style implies an orientation toward a goal, a willful engagement, a search for conclusions and definitiveness. There is a narrowness about style: it is an expression of the individual, whereas art should delve deeper toward a hidden openness. To me the physical character of Xuan paper is all about absorbance and emergence. It is a vehicle in which the mind can inject meaning. The dripping from the column impregnates the paper, and from this staining, meaning slowly emerges, a visual poetics. Thus, the paper becomes the object that records gravity, mutability, volatility, and what takes shape is a transformation that is both physical and mental. In the installation, the floating of ink, while remaining true to the character of the medium, suggests a new interpretation, a new way of aesthetic thinking: “Floating is the ability to avoid getting locked in any one position or tending in any particular direction. It means to be in constant motion, susceptible to the ebb and flow of respiration, without incurring expense or risking resistance of any kind. The word “float” negates all thought of a destination and therefore cancels out any idea of finality, thus contradicting better than any other word the aspiration to and quest for happiness. It expresses better than any other the maintenance and nourishment of the vital.”


Shanghai Gallery of Art, 2011

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