Zheng Chongbin

Fall, 2014:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Acquisition of painting by Zheng Chongbin

Turbulence / 亂
L75" x H124" / 190.5cm x 315cm
Ink, Acrylic, Xuan Paper / 墨, ,丙, 烯,宣纸


May 23, 2013:

EastWest Bank
Hong Kong Branch Grand Opening
Acquisition of work by Zheng Chongbin


March, 2012

The strength of the Chinese painting collection in the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, lies in modern and contemporary ink painting. Ended Season by Zheng Chongbin is the first contemporary artwork commissioned by the Asian Art Museum.

The contemporary art network places Zheng Chongbin on its China Watchlist.

March, 2011

New York Asian Contemporary Art Week 2011
Interview with Zheng Chongbin, March 15, 2011

A conversation with Zheng Chongbin and art historian,Tony Godfrey
Asian Art Museum, Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art & Culture
March 26, 2011

Publication of White Ink
Essay by Abby Chen, Collette Chattopadhyay, Shen Kuiyi
Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, 2011
ISBM 978-0-9822744-6-0

April, 2010

9 – 27 April 2010

Valentine Willie Fine Art is pleased to present EMERGENT, a solo exhibition by San Francisco and Shanghai based Chinese American artist Zheng Chongbin. In this show, Zheng will be exhibiting both his signature ink paintings and also large-scale installation.

Artist Talk:
Contempororay Ink Painting:
April 10th, 2010
Venue: Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
Artspace @ Helutrans
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Distripark
Unit 02-04

Moderator: Mr. Kwok Kian Chow, Director, The National Art Gallery, Singapore

Mr. Tan Boon Hui, Director, Singapore Art Museum
Ms. Britta Ericson, Independent Art Curator & Critic
Mr. Zheng Chongbin, Artist

April, 2010

Marina Bay Sands unveils extensive public art collection
Large-scale installations created by world renowned artists on view to public at Singapore's newest destination

The five artists and their work include: Antony Gormley (Drift); Chongbin Zheng (Rising Forest 升林); James Carpenter (Blue Reflection Facade with Light Entry Passage); Ned Kahn (Wind Arbor, Rain Oculus and Tipping Wall); and the late Sol LeWitt (Wall Drawing #917, Arcs and Circles, and Wall Drawing #915, Arcs, Circle and Irregular bands). Local Singaporean painters and the Singapore Tyler Print Institute were also involved in the production of the LeWitt painting.

Marina Bay Sands' design architect Moshe Safdie handpicked all the artists to ensure a conceptual and aesthetic collaboration between artist and architect. Four of the artists were commissioned to create site-specific art that integrate seamlessly into the property's iconic architecture and the surrounding Marina Bay environment. Safdie located Sol LeWitt's conceptual wall drawings posthumously as the artist had often created site-specific work for Moshe's architecture.

Chongbin Zheng, Rising Forest 升林 
Location: Hotel Atrium

Rising Forest is a ceramic sculpture composed of 83 massive glazed stone-ware ceramic vessels occupying approximately 4,000 square meters in the Hotel Atrium.
Each vessel weighs in at 1,200 kilogram and measures 3 meters tall. Every vessel will hold a tree, creating a "canopy" of trees across the interior and exterior areas of the Hotel Atrium.

The vessels were so large that the artist had to build a customized kiln the size of a small building. Ceramics of this size are rarely made and fired in one piece. The ceramic pieces were made in Yixing, China, known for artistry and high-quality ceramics since the 11th century. The clay was mined from a special quarry in the Yellow Dragon mountain and has been aged for 5 years.

Each vessel required 15-20 days to complete by hand using the coil construction method.

Although each vessel is unique, Mr. Zheng and his artisans worked to ensure that the vessels conformed to his design specifications for the sculpture.

浮现9 – 27 April 2010

Jazz VS Chinese ink

一. 举办时间:2010年9月
二. 活动场地:世博会城市广场
三. 活动目的:一次寻找东西艺术融和的探索
四. 主题:"融合"

Burnett Thompson:钢琴家、作曲家和教育家。现居住华盛顿。(http://www.pianojazz.com/history.htm)

"三生万物"的大型综合性艺术展览揭幕 2010年9月8日

当代水墨- 莫连艺术中心/列克幸敦/肯塔基 2010
展出日期:10月 29-11月29 2010
讲坐:11月8日 莫连艺术中心